hip pain osteopath nescot clinic ewellHip pain.

Osteopathy can help with hip pain. Here, at the ICOM clinic in Ewell, we see many patients with hip or pelvic problems. Your ICOM Clinic osteopath can advise you in detail, however below is a general guide to problems with the hips.


We use our hip joints on a daily basis and if they start playing up then we certainly know about it. This can manifest as pain in the inside/outside of the thigh or stiffness, clicking or reduced movement of the hip joint itself. In other words, we can’t swing those hips as much as we’d like!

What causes it?

Hip problems can be a consequence of old age or overuse, or it can be down to muscle and tendon problems or issues with your joints caused by an injury or an illness such as arthritis

Can Osteopathy help?

We will first complete an assessment, make a diagnosis and advise you if we think your condition may require referral or more specialist help.

Osteopathic treatment can’t cure arthritis, a common cause of hip pain, and it depends on the severity of the wear and tear but treatment and advice can often help ease the symptoms.

Osteopathic treatment would involve gentle manual techniques to help reduce pain and muscle spasm and improve movement. Exercise advice would also be given to strengthen injured or weakened tissues.

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