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Once you have booked your appointment we’ll send you an email to confirm the booking and we’ll also send you an email reminder two days before. If you have given us your e-mail address and not received an email confirmation then please call us on 0208 394 3154  (and check your Junk folder).

skills parkFor directions to Nescot and details on parking etc. click here. We ask you to arrive ten minutes before your appointment time to allow for the issuing of a Visitor Pass. Please ensure you are wearing loose clothing or you bring something you can change into e.g. shorts, vest etc.

Your first appointment will take around 90 minutes. Any subsequent treatment sessions will take around 45 minutes. The price is the same for both, see prices by clicking here.

Your student practitioner, under the supervision of a fully qualified and GOsC (General Osteopathic Council) registered Osteopath will first complete an assessment. This will involve talking about any medical history that may be relevant to the complaint, looking at your posture, watching your movement and possibly conducting a few simple exercises.

They will then make a diagnosis and advise you if they think your condition may require referral or more specialist help.

If Osteopathic treatment is advised this will involve hands on treatment, to help reduce muscle spasm and improve movement, as well as exercise advice to help strengthen injured tissues. Osteopathy tends to take a gentler approach to many issues and it also takes a more holistic view on what may be the underlying problem.

As we are a teaching clinic we will also ask you for permission to use your anonymous case history data for analysis of our clinic, the monitoring of our students clinical experience and for their inclusion in their dissertations and reports. Our full privacy policy can be viewed here.

What is Osteopathy? Click here.

To talk to us or book an appointment call or 0208 394 3154 or click here.